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Design a grunge car wallpaper

In this tutorial I`ll show you how to design a grunge car wallpaper in Photoshop using some grunge textures and brushes.
We`ll use different techniques such as image adjustments, tranformation techniques,layer blending options and filter effects.

Have a look!
What are we making:


Written by Madalin Tudose

Black and white version:


Let`s begin…!

I`ve found on the internet this grunge texture.
Load the image into Photoshop.
Duplicate the image layer two times and set the blending mode for the second layer to Soft light and for the third layer to Multiply.


It looks a little bit darker.Let`s make it brighter. Select the layer with the blending mode set to Multiply and make it a layer mask(Layer->Layer Mask->Reveal all).Select the Eraser tool(E),set for it the Airbrush soft Round and start to erase from right-top to left-bottom of the image.


Our image should looks like this:


Let`s change the color of the image.
Go to Layer->New Adjustments Layer->Color balance and apply the next settings :


Now our image has a nice brick-red-color.


Download this car image and load it into Photoshop.
Using the Pen tool(P) make the selection of the car and paste it into our project.


Then add the next settings to the layer style(Layer->Layer Style->Blending options):

Outer glow:


Inner glow:


Our image should looks like this:


Next step is downloading those vector brushes,make a new layer,put it under the car layer and use the brushes into the project like in the image.My advice is to use your imagination as much as you can!


Now download those grunge brushes and those floral brushes and use them into the picture.

My picture looks like this:


Now select the Airbrush soft Round then go to Window->Brushes(F5) and apply the next settings:


Make a new layer under the Car layer and paint a road under the car,with the Airbrush Soft round just created,like in the image


Now change the blending mode for the Car layer to Hard light.
Change the brightness of the image to make it a little bit darker.
For these go to layer->New Adjustments layer->Brightness/Contrast and set those settings:


The image looks a little bit darker:


Finally add a gradient over the image.Go to Layer->New Fill Layer->Gradient and apply the next gradient settings:


Our final image should looks like this one:


We`re done here!
Hope you enjoy this tutorial, drop me a comment if you have any question and I`ll try my best to help you out. See you next time!

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18/06/2009 - Posted by | Tutorial Photoshop

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